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Blown Away

Pastor Mick Fleming



‘It’s impossible to visit Church on the Street and not be deeply moved by the work the organisation does for those in need. It is an extraordinary place . . .’ HRH THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE, from the Foreword

‘There are so few people like Pastor Mick that this book deserves a shelf all to itself.’ JEREMY VINE, BROADCASTER AND JOURNALIST

An autobiography that is fast-paced, stirring and a powerful testament to the love of God, Blown Away tells the story of Pastor Mick Fleming.

On 5 December 2020, millions watched the BBC’s news report on Pastor Mick Fleming and Father Alex Frost, feeding and clothing the poor in Burnley, North West England. So great was the impact, the BBC is now following Mick for a year as he opens a new church to serve those in poverty.

Around the world, media coverage continues to grow, and many related projects are currently in production.

Pastor Mick is no conventional clergyman. Raped at the age of 11, he’d just plucked up the courage to tell his parents, when his father came home with the awful news that Mick’s asthmatic sister had died of a heart attack.

Mick didn’t cry again for nearly 30 years. Masking his pain with drink and drugs, he became a notorious underworld fixer, beating up those who failed to pay their debts. Until one day, something extraordinary happened: God stepped in, and as Mick’s convoluted fantasy world unravelled, he began to discover who he really was in Christ.

And the man who had ruined his life? He became a homeless alcoholic and was unwittingly befriended by Mick, who helped him get sober and reunite with his family. As Mick says, ‘Suffering is pointless unless you share it to help others, but you must relate to people on an equal footing – then miracles happen!’


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