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40 days of rest

By Seth Jeffrey



In a busy, fast-paced world, we easily find ourselves compelled to work hard, perform and achieve in our jobs, in our families and even in our ministry for the Lord. But the Bible teaches the value of rest as well as the value of diligence. It was God who gave us nights for sleeping and Sabbaths for resting. It was Jesus who taught us how to sleep through the storm and to find rest by coming to him.

Seth Jeffery takes us on a 40-day journey through Scripture, revealing God’s divine plan for rest and refreshment, and explaining how God’s peace is available for us to enter into, whatever season of life we find ourselves in. “We haven’t been always taught to rest, and perhaps even less to rest in the Lord. I see Seth’s book as a most valuable contribution to this important cause.” – Father Antoine Coelho


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